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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

The Aftermath of a Personal Injury

Personal injuries can happen to anyone anywhere. There could be an endless reason or risk which can put someone’s life to danger and tragically result in an injury. The person not only has to suffer the physical pain, but also the financial burdens it costs to cover for the hospitalization and for the medicine. Notwithstanding the degree of cautiousness most people observe, sometimes, one could just be a victim of someone else’s recklessness or negligence.

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Understanding the Costs

Calculating the expenses of a personal injury can be overwhelming especially to the person who is just a victim of someone else’s carelessness. Most people suffer more than just a limb pain, the medical bills, and the time off your job which can significantly result in lost wages are another thing people worry about when they suffer personal injuries.

Understanding the costs of the injury helps the injured or the victims explore their options and make an informed decision regarding their situation. Thus, most of these personal injury victims opt to hire a personal injury lawyer to help and guide them recover their losses.

Different Rates for Legal Fees

A lot of these people who suffered said injuries ask their lawyers first on the payment terms and acceptance fee for their case. Reality then hits them harder than most legal fees are actually more costly than they have perceived initially. However, not all personal injury lawyers offer the same rates and terms.

Contingency fee payment arrangement is one of the most common and popular payment structures when one chooses to hire a personal injury lawyer. This means that the lawyer will accept and represent the injured in litigation but he will not get paid unless he or she wins the case. Most often than not, the fee of the lawyer is a portion of the award on damages granted by the court to the victim.

The percentage will depend on the agreed rate between the lawyer and the victim, but mostly up to 25 – 40% of the award. While this is a good scheme in order to ensure that the lawyer’s interest in the case is almost at par with the victim’s. However, one must bear in mind that in contingency fee payment arrangements, a significant portion of the victim’s compensation will go to legal fees.

There are also those lawyers who offer hourly rates which can range between 100 US dollars to 500 US dollars, and even flat rates depending on the complexity of the case presented and the lawyer’s experience and location. 

Ultimately, one must bear in mind that investing in a competent personal injury lawyer can provide the support and expertise necessary to get your claim successfully.